Acne Prone Skin

“Crap. I have a really important meeting today, why today, of all days?”

“What’s that on your face?” or “Just wash your face”

At one point in time, we’ve all heard or thought this before. Whether you woke up with a new “friend” on your face, or you just can’t get rid of that thing, like c’mon its been 2 weeks!

What is Acne?

Well, the first step to any problem is to analyze what’s going on. The 6 main types of acne are:

  • Blackheads ( pesky little ones normally on your nose)
  • Whiteheads ( most common on your forehead or nose)
  • Papules ( red bumps; anywhere)
  • Pustules ( red bumps with a white tip )
  • Nodules ( less common, red bump beneath surface)
  • Cysts ( the most painful type of acne, deep beneath the skin)

The Breakdown

Blackheads, sometimes known as open comedones, happen when the head of the pore is open, but the actual pore is clogged. It forms a “black” dot on the surface of your skin (it’s not really black).

Whiteheads, which are also known as closed comedones, occurs when the pore is fully clogged. The length and the head of the pore are closed, which creates a little white bump on the surface of the skin.

Papules are a small red bump on your skin, which occurs when excess oil and dirt form on your pore and clog it. It is important to note that papules do not contain pus, ie. don’t try to pop it 🙂

Pustules are bulging, small bumps caused by a blocked pore that has gotten infected and filled with pus. They can also be caused by hormonal changes. These are the most common acne flare up, and is mostly occurs in clusters on you face, neck, and back.

Nodules are a red bump that is deep under your skin’s surface, often caused by papule bacteria under the skin. These can sometimes be painful. Somewhere in the range of a papule and a cyst.

Cysts are the most severe type of acne caused by an infection deep within the skin. They are large, red, painful, and burst easily. Cysts can easily burst under the skin because of the pressure .